What is your degree style?

Is your degree style really fancy with all of the graduation items included or is it super conservative and simple with just a frame around it?  At Picture Worth Custom Framing, we build your custom design, just the way you want it. #degree #UniversityofHouston #UniversityofTexas #SamHoustonStateUniversity #AlvinCommunityCollege #prestigious #customframing #framingnearme

Double degree with frame with full compliment of accessories

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If You Have Never Tried It…

You’ll never know how good you are at transforming simple #artwork into #luxurious #masterpieces until you try.  Picture Worth Custom Framing has teamed up with one of our vendors, Larson Juhl (a Berkshire Hathaway Company), to provide an interactive portal for attempting your own design. 

You can practice #stacking frames, interchanging mat choices, adjusting the sizes of #frames matting and #fillets, and a whole bunch of other features to let your inner creative loose with design. This tool greatly reduces the time it usually takes to go through dozens of matting and frame choices.  After you have finished, you can send it to your local custom picture framer, capture your choices for later, or discard and design another custom picture frame for your photo.  It’s #free!

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Master Artwork Custom Framing

At Picture Worth Custom Framing, we pay very close attention to details.  From the dust cover backing to proper care of your glazing (glass), we have your artwork #quality control checked from top to bottom!  If there is something that is not to your standard, we will fix it, because it carries a lifetime of the #artwork #guarantee.  Shop small, #shop #local and support your #community #small #business by booking your appointment today.

[Category – Small Business] Did you know?

Here are some interesting things about small business (provided by Fundera):

Q: Do small businesses really create that many jobs?
A: Yes!

To get more granular about it, job creation mainly comes from new small businesses. New businesses account for nearly all net new job creation, and almost 20% of gross job creation.4 Comparatively, small businesses that are 5 years or older don’t have a significant impact on job growth

Q: What percentage of small businesses are owned by minorities?
Here are the percentages of small business owners by race, as of the most recent Kauffman Index:

  • White: 71.67%
  • Black: 6.22%
  • Latino: 13.99%
  • Asian: 6.16%
  • Other: 1.96%

For context, here’s how those numbers have changed since 1996:

  • White: -14.33%
  • Black: +2.06%
  • Latino: +8.44%
  • Asian: +2.35%
  • Other: +1.46%

Q: What about the gender breakdown?
A: Great question! As of 2015, the percentages of small business owners by gender as of 2015 are:

  • Male: 66.98%
  • Female: 33.02%

The percentage of female small business owners has increased by 1.48% since 1996—so there’s a lot more room to grow.

Q: Which is the most entrepreneurial generation?
A: Despite all the buzz, millennials (those aged 20-38 at the time of this survey) actually aren’t the most entrepreneurial generation—at least not when it comes to small business.

Here’s what the age breakdown of small business-ownership actually looks like, according to our trusty Kauffman Index:

  • 20-34 (mainly millennials): 15.79%
  • 35-44 (mainly Gen X): 24.93%
  • 45-54 (half Gen X, half baby boomers): 30.81%
  • 55-64 (baby boomers): 28.47%

Older Gen-Xers and baby boomers take the win here, followed by younger Gen-Xers and, finally, millennial business owners.

For more information read the Fundera article here.

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Picture Worth Custom Framing Services

Our team offers many services that we perform to our maximum ability making us the best framing company in Texas. Here is a quick list of our services:

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We Did It!

We (Melissa the boss woman) completed and graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program, Houston Cohort 24. Picture Worth Custom Framing is now moving into the next phase of the program, the Alumni phase, where program Alumni assist in business growth by supporting each other’s businesses. Congratulations Melissa, on a job well done! #HCC #GoldmanSachs #10KSB #Graduation #PWCF #Amazing #SmallBusiness #smallbiz #local #Houston

Did You Get A “Next Level” Award?

We call “next level” awards Prestigious Honors and no other company commemorates Prestigious Honors like Picture Worth Custom Framing. You may see some imitations like ours out there, but we make original designs.

Our staff at Picture Worth Custom Framing has over 100 years of combined experience in the picture framing industry. We have hundreds of awards and trophies to choose from and we can craft the most elegant and stunning Prestigious Honors. Call us or book your appointment today!

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