Your float frame specialist

At #PictureWorthCustomFraming, we specialize in #float #frames of #regular or #oversize. The #canvasfloat in this picture is about 6 feet by 6 feet.


Oh no… the streak is over!

Streak is over! It was good while it lasted. Our first 6 years in business had been #flawless with all #5star #reviews across #Google, #Facebook, #Yelp, #YellowPages, and #Groupon, until this order.


#Complimentary #USMarine logo added to the top, #3-D float mounted and was completed within #2weeks of placing the initial order. We were given 3 stars. 😦

We still know we are the #best #custom #picture #framing #company.

#Astros Will Get Them Next Time

This year, it seemed very obvious that the #Boston #Redsox had the #Houston #Astros number in the ALCS. Every time #Houston would make a #comeback and start getting into the game the #Redsox would do something to quiet the crowd.

Even though we didn’t get the chance to do another #Worldseries #Championship #masterpiece, we thoroughly enjoy making the #best #custom #framing #imaginable.

Even with all of the construction

We are still cranking out the highest quality artwork, even with everything under construction.

Picture Worth Custom Framing moved from a much smaller location to a much bigger and more accommodating workspace.  Yes, we have had delays, due to build out, but we still keep churning out our high quality custom framing.


Once our new space is complete, it will completely transform our company’s capabilities for the better.  Picture Worth Custom Framing will be a lot more versatile, efficient, and faster.

Stay tuned for the grand opening of the new and improved Picture Worth Custom Framing art company.


PWCF – Your community art specialists


It is always fun and fascinating to get a visit from local #celebrities, #business owners, and various community leaders because the  #community should support itself, first.  Owner of Niko Niko’s restaurants, Dimitri Fetokakis, supporting his #local #community #custom #picture #framing company, Picture Worth Custom Framing.  @NikoNikosGreek has the #best #Greek #food in #Houston.


Dimitri from Niko Niko’s Restaurants and Keith from Picture Worth Custom Framing sharing a laugh

Just So You Know…

Mat burn

a stain typically on paper, caused by prolonged exposure with an acidic mat board. Mat burn tends to have a darkening effect around where the window was creating a kind of framing effect.


Related Terms

stain; acidic

Synonyms in English

mat stain


Image of mat burn. Note the difference in color between what would be seen though the window and what was under the mat.


English mat burn


Mat burn creates a darkening edging around where the window of the mat was, but can also darken any area in contact with an acidic mat. Poor quality mats are created from paper with heavy wood pulp content, which is chemically unstable and acidic. As the mat ages, the wood pulp decomposes, releasing acid which migrates to absorbent paper below. Displaying and storing works in archival quality mats containing no wood pulp can mitigate this kind of damage.


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Mat Burn. AICCM. Visual Glossary. (accessed 16 March, 2014).

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