Did You Get A “Next Level” Award?

We call “next level” awards Prestigious Honors and no other company commemorates Prestigious Honors like Picture Worth Custom Framing. You may see some imitations like ours out there, but we make original designs.

Our staff at Picture Worth Custom Framing has over 100 years of combined experience in the picture framing industry. We have hundreds of awards and trophies to choose from and we can craft the most elegant and stunning Prestigious Honors. Call us or book your appointment today!

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Aaron Brothers closed and you need a place to custom picture frame?

Well, we understand that you used to frame at Aaron Brothers and they shut all of their stores. Don’t panic, we can assist you in getting a better look, price, and quality for your artwork.

Picture Worth Custom Framing has over 100 years of combined experience in the picture framing industry and we are frequently referred by Aaron Brothers in our area (when they existed), The Woodlands Hobby Lobby, and both The Woodlands and Spring locations of Michael’s. Why would they refer us, you ask? We do not have #size limitations, #design limitations, or equipment on hand limitations. We frame any size, we frame any design, and we have all equipment at our production/ storefront location. Book your appointment, today. #smallbiz #aaronbrothers #michaels #hobbylobby #custom #picture #framing #oversized #art #Houston #TheWoodlands #SpringTX

Aaron Brothers Art & Framing has closed,
but Picture Worth Custom Framing is your new luxury framing source

We Clean 4 You Donates Frames

Jeff Hutton, owner of We Clean 4 You, donated several frames to Picture Worth Custom Framing.  The team at Picture Worth Custom Framing will clean the frames of dust, splinters, and glass shards, then donate them to local charities in need of frames for events. 

Picture Worth Custom Framing and We Clean 4 You are two small, locally owned businesses that support the Houston metropolitan area.  Shop small, shop local.

Even with all of the construction

We are still cranking out the highest quality artwork, even with everything under construction.

Picture Worth Custom Framing moved from a much smaller location to a much bigger and more accommodating workspace.  Yes, we have had delays, due to build out, but we still keep churning out our high quality custom framing.


Once our new space is complete, it will completely transform our company’s capabilities for the better.  Picture Worth Custom Framing will be a lot more versatile, efficient, and faster.

Stay tuned for the grand opening of the new and improved Picture Worth Custom Framing art company.