Did You Get A “Next Level” Award?

We call “next level” awards Prestigious Honors and no other company commemorates Prestigious Honors like Picture Worth Custom Framing. You may see some imitations like ours out there, but we make original designs.

Our staff at Picture Worth Custom Framing has over 100 years of combined experience in the picture framing industry. We have hundreds of awards and trophies to choose from and we can craft the most elegant and stunning Prestigious Honors. Call us or book your appointment today!

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The Versatile Art Company

Picture Worth Custom Framing has a large selection of frames to choose from, as well as services. In addition to providing the highest rated custom framing in Houston, Picture Worth Custom Framing also provides high-quality awards, photo restoration and print services.  We also specialize in shadow boxed art, like sports jerseys and military memorabilia.  Call us at 855-PIC-4545 or book your appointment our website today.