Geez time flies!

Hard to believe that two whole years has passed since Picture Worth Custom Framing was awarded as an MVP Supplier for the 2017 Houston Super Bowl LI, topping 412 other businesses.

One of the biggest achievements by a small business is to be recognized at one of the world’s greatest and most watched events, especially in the metro that your business is located. Congratulations #PWCF #smallbusiness #HoustonSuperBowl #nfl #awards

We Can All Succeed If We Help One Another

Don’t Just Talk About It… Do It! If you are a local artist, we want to help you. Call us or stop by today. We may be able to help you get some pieces purchased like we did for Carye. Carye is a local #Houston area #artist that specializes in #twill-quill art. We were able to assist her in getting her art purchased in the local Houston area market. #Congratulations Carye!

The Ladder Won

While building a 12ft x 24ft shed in his backyard, Bill Gerdes, Lead Framer at Picture Worth Custom Framing, had his ladder collapse while he was on it.  Bill was able to fall forward onto the collapsed ladder and escape with bruises and some cuts.  Bill said, “The center part just folded in and down I went!”  Fortunately, his son-in-law was nearby to attend to him to ensure that he was okay.