Congratulations to the Capital One Getting Down To Business Class of 2019

Picture Worth Custom Framing and the other graduates from the Class of 2017 congratulate the Capital One Getting Down To Business Class of 2019.

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When You See Your Work…

No, we were not the artist that did this #amazing #artwork, but we share a relationship with them when it comes to this artwork on display in the lobby.  We framed this artwork and put it behind the plexi and that was no easy task.  This #artwork has a thin #parchment paper type overlay and was quite large in size.

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Many Framing Styles

Picture Worth Custom Framing is dedicated to ensuring that any #stitchery #poster #original #art or anything else that could be #custom #picture #framed , is #framed with the highest #quality and carries a #artwork #guarantee.  The picture on the far left is a stitchery framed with an inner #fillet ; the middle picture is a #framed #poster and the frame already had beads around the edge; lastly is a floated #original #painting with #museum #glass.  We frame any style you need.

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Not impossible, but we still did it.

Our Picture Worth Custom Framing team just did two very big oversized maps (something we do a lot of), but the issue was that this frame was super thin!  Usually, because of the heft of the plexiglass and artwork we recommend a much thicker frame.  However, this local #EagleScout ‘s projects were very large (9 feet x 6.5 feet) and we wanted to keep cost down for this young man. 

The family went all over the city of #Houston trying to find a #custom #frame #shop that does #oversized #art and found us through one of our vendors.  

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oversized art oversized map 9 feet by 6.5 feet

[Category – Small Business] Did you know?

Here are some interesting things about small business (provided by Fundera):

Q: Do small businesses really create that many jobs?
A: Yes!

To get more granular about it, job creation mainly comes from new small businesses. New businesses account for nearly all net new job creation, and almost 20% of gross job creation.4 Comparatively, small businesses that are 5 years or older don’t have a significant impact on job growth

Q: What percentage of small businesses are owned by minorities?
Here are the percentages of small business owners by race, as of the most recent Kauffman Index:

  • White: 71.67%
  • Black: 6.22%
  • Latino: 13.99%
  • Asian: 6.16%
  • Other: 1.96%

For context, here’s how those numbers have changed since 1996:

  • White: -14.33%
  • Black: +2.06%
  • Latino: +8.44%
  • Asian: +2.35%
  • Other: +1.46%

Q: What about the gender breakdown?
A: Great question! As of 2015, the percentages of small business owners by gender as of 2015 are:

  • Male: 66.98%
  • Female: 33.02%

The percentage of female small business owners has increased by 1.48% since 1996—so there’s a lot more room to grow.

Q: Which is the most entrepreneurial generation?
A: Despite all the buzz, millennials (those aged 20-38 at the time of this survey) actually aren’t the most entrepreneurial generation—at least not when it comes to small business.

Here’s what the age breakdown of small business-ownership actually looks like, according to our trusty Kauffman Index:

  • 20-34 (mainly millennials): 15.79%
  • 35-44 (mainly Gen X): 24.93%
  • 45-54 (half Gen X, half baby boomers): 30.81%
  • 55-64 (baby boomers): 28.47%

Older Gen-Xers and baby boomers take the win here, followed by younger Gen-Xers and, finally, millennial business owners.

For more information read the Fundera article here.

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