The new Etsy store is complete

Picture Worth Custom Framing has completed its latest fulfillment avenue, an online Etsy store named Collectable Frames. This new online outlet store features unique, exotic and collectable limited edition custom frames for 50-80% OFF the normal retail frame shop price.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the main charities that Picture Worth Custom Framing supports dealing with the special needs population and with literacy for children. Please “Like”, “Share”, and/or purchase Collectable Frames by Picture Worth Custom Framing. #smallbiz #etsy #PWCF #exoticframes #customframes #expensiveforcheap #love #beautiful #picoftheday #art #unique #limitededition #AaronBrothersLookPictureWorthPrice

Psst! Guess what?

There are so many different ways to frame, but we love all of them. Whether you are custom framing: a stitchery, oversized canvases, original artwork, degrees, diplomas, prestigious honors, posters, prints, or photos, we thoroughly enjoy working on creating the next masterpiece. Our shadowboxes are some of the best anywhere. We specialize in custom framing, but we are also the best option for corporate and bulk framing. Join us on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or LinkedIn. #art #customframing #pictureframing #degrees #diplomas #oversized #canvas #photorestoration #shadowboxes #corporateframing #bulkframing #smallbusiness #smallbiz

We Can All Succeed If We Help One Another

Don’t Just Talk About It… Do It! If you are a local artist, we want to help you. Call us or stop by today. We may be able to help you get some pieces purchased like we did for Carye. Carye is a local #Houston area #artist that specializes in #twill-quill art. We were able to assist her in getting her art purchased in the local Houston area market. #Congratulations Carye!

Our New Years Promise…

Each year some new #promise is made to bring the #new #year in refreshed, not stale. Sometimes the promises are not new, but they are a recycled promise from last year that didn’t get completed. However, a promise is a promise, so here is our #2019 promise to all of our supporters: We will run like a well oiled engine this year.

We have the staff, the equipment, and the business has been headed in the right direction with its #hyper-growth. We are tightening up our processes, planning, and execution to run like a well oiled engine.

Run like a well oiled engine in 2019!