Masters of Design Customization

Our team at Picture Worth Custom Framing is pretty convinced that there are no wall decor jobs that have been too difficult to pull off, because we are masters of design customization.

A client brought us some fence wood and asked for a custom Willie Nelson hat shadowbox from it… no problem.

A different client saw a picture on the wall in a favorite bar and wanted a baseball version done… no problem.

A totally different client asked us if we do oversized pieces over the standard size of a stick of moulding. Answer… no problem. Book with us today! Your masters of design customization.

This 137in x 40in piece of art is huge

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Have Oversized Art?

The Picture Worth Custom Framing Team has no size limitation for our custom framing. We are able to utilize all 100+ years of custom picture framing experience to craft your oversized art of all sizes. Our competitors, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have size limitations and that is one of the major differentiators in our businesses.

Get your oversized art or big art custom framed at Picture Worth Custom Framing. Book with us today!

This 137in x 40in piece of art is huge

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May the 4th be with you…

Tradition for all of the proud Star Wars fans across the world is to say “May the 4th be with you”.  It is a playful play on words from the Star Wars movie in which the scripted line is, “May the force be with you”.  Get all of your #StarWars #memorabilia framed at #PictureWorthCustomFraming.  Book your appointment today. Have fun and Happy 4th.

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[Category – Small Business] Did you know?

Here are some interesting things about small business (provided by Fundera):

Q: Do small businesses really create that many jobs?
A: Yes!

To get more granular about it, job creation mainly comes from new small businesses. New businesses account for nearly all net new job creation, and almost 20% of gross job creation.4 Comparatively, small businesses that are 5 years or older don’t have a significant impact on job growth

Q: What percentage of small businesses are owned by minorities?
Here are the percentages of small business owners by race, as of the most recent Kauffman Index:

  • White: 71.67%
  • Black: 6.22%
  • Latino: 13.99%
  • Asian: 6.16%
  • Other: 1.96%

For context, here’s how those numbers have changed since 1996:

  • White: -14.33%
  • Black: +2.06%
  • Latino: +8.44%
  • Asian: +2.35%
  • Other: +1.46%

Q: What about the gender breakdown?
A: Great question! As of 2015, the percentages of small business owners by gender as of 2015 are:

  • Male: 66.98%
  • Female: 33.02%

The percentage of female small business owners has increased by 1.48% since 1996—so there’s a lot more room to grow.

Q: Which is the most entrepreneurial generation?
A: Despite all the buzz, millennials (those aged 20-38 at the time of this survey) actually aren’t the most entrepreneurial generation—at least not when it comes to small business.

Here’s what the age breakdown of small business-ownership actually looks like, according to our trusty Kauffman Index:

  • 20-34 (mainly millennials): 15.79%
  • 35-44 (mainly Gen X): 24.93%
  • 45-54 (half Gen X, half baby boomers): 30.81%
  • 55-64 (baby boomers): 28.47%

Older Gen-Xers and baby boomers take the win here, followed by younger Gen-Xers and, finally, millennial business owners.

For more information read the Fundera article here.

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Picture Worth Custom Framing Services

Our team offers many services that we perform to our maximum ability making us the best framing company in Texas. Here is a quick list of our services:

Call or book your appointment today.

Once You Come Back…

Once you come back from the art, music, or any other festival with great memorabilia, get it properly preserved at Picture Worth Custom Framing. Those moments are locked in time and you cannot go backwards. We can help you preserve your memorabilia from ultra-violet damage, humidity damage, and pest damage. Book your appointment today! #SmallBusiness #supportlocal #properpreservation #originalart #posterart #festival #paintings #art #music #UV #PWCF

We Did It!

We (Melissa the boss woman) completed and graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program, Houston Cohort 24. Picture Worth Custom Framing is now moving into the next phase of the program, the Alumni phase, where program Alumni assist in business growth by supporting each other’s businesses. Congratulations Melissa, on a job well done! #HCC #GoldmanSachs #10KSB #Graduation #PWCF #Amazing #SmallBusiness #smallbiz #local #Houston

Canvas Collage Un-stretched?

People everywhere are getting fooled when they order a canvas collage online, only for it to show up un-stretched.  We have you covered with a set price for 3-piece, 4-piece, and 5-piece canvas collages ordered online.  Call us at 855-PIC-4545 or book your appointment today.

Keep in mind… One of the things that makes your experience with Picture Worth Custom Framing super remarkable is our ability to have your art tell its own story using amazing augmented reality from the free “uncover everything” app available in the Apple app store or in the Google Play store. Uncover your art’s story today.

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