Custom Framing – 401 – Enhancing Grandeur (Part 1)

Custom Framing – 401 – Enhancing Grandeur

Art has the remarkable ability to captivate, inspire, and transform spaces. When it comes to super-sized art, the impact is magnified, creating an awe-inspiring presence within any room. However, to truly elevate these larger-than-life masterpieces, one must consider the importance of custom framing. Custom framing for super-sized art not only adds protection and support but also enhances the visual appeal, making a bold statement that complements the artwork’s grandeur.

Preservation and Protection

Custom framing is not just about aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in preserving and protecting super-sized art. The larger the artwork, the more susceptible it becomes to environmental factors like dust, moisture, and sunlight. A well-designed frame acts as a barrier, shielding the artwork from potential damage and ensuring its longevity. Custom frames are crafted with high-quality materials and are specifically tailored to the dimensions and requirements of the artwork, providing optimal protection against wear and tear.

Stay turned for additional parts of the advanced lesson on custom framing.

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Melissa with 2 oversized art pieces

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When clients want a quote they typically type something in Google like “Best custom framing near me” or something along those lines, call the local frame shop of choice, but then are totally unprepared for the simple questions that we must clarify, before giving an accurate quote.  Here are some typical questions that we ask when you call for a basic quote.

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Picture Worth Custom Framing luxurious front end
Picture Worth Custom Framing luxurious front counters

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