I bet they don’t have one of these

Cliche roses or chocolates or both are usually presented to your Valentine during Valentine’s Day, but what if you were able to get him or her something that they have never had nor never seen before?

Our #custom #crafted #Valentine’s Day #frame can be customized to commemorate what Valentine’s Day anniversary you are celebrating with your loved one. These are Picture Worth Custom Framing original pieces, if you find another out there, it is a copycat.

Geez time flies!

Hard to believe that two whole years has passed since Picture Worth Custom Framing was awarded as an MVP Supplier for the 2017 Houston Super Bowl LI, topping 412 other businesses.

One of the biggest achievements by a small business is to be recognized at one of the world’s greatest and most watched events, especially in the metro that your business is located. Congratulations #PWCF #smallbusiness #pictureworthcf.com #HoustonSuperBowl #nfl #awards

Psst! Guess what?

There are so many different ways to frame, but we love all of them. Whether you are custom framing: a stitchery, oversized canvases, original artwork, degrees, diplomas, prestigious honors, posters, prints, or photos, we thoroughly enjoy working on creating the next masterpiece. Our shadowboxes are some of the best anywhere. We specialize in custom framing, but we are also the best option for corporate and bulk framing. Join us on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or LinkedIn. #art #customframing #pictureframing #degrees #diplomas #oversized #canvas #photorestoration #shadowboxes #corporateframing #bulkframing #smallbusiness #smallbiz

#Astros Will Get Them Next Time

This year, it seemed very obvious that the #Boston #Redsox had the #Houston #Astros number in the ALCS. Every time #Houston would make a #comeback and start getting into the game the #Redsox would do something to quiet the crowd.

Even though we didn’t get the chance to do another #Worldseries #Championship #masterpiece, we thoroughly enjoy making the #best #custom #framing #imaginable.

Christmas Delivery Cutoff 2017

Is it Christmas time already?!  This year, our storefront is accepting orders delivered by Christmas until 6pm, December 11, 2017.  Give the unique and very memorable eMotion art by booking your appointment!  You can also shop with us online and purchase gift certificates as presents.  Get in the spirit of giving!

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