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Our Team

The Picture Worth Custom Framing Management team is extremely diverse.  We have a great mix of fun-loving members that ensure safety, quality of work, great customer service, and a family friendly environment.  Our management team has over 50 years of framing experience, over 30 years of Information Technology experience, and more than 20 years of small business operations experience.  Book my appointment.


Chief Designer and General Manager at Picture Worth Custom Framing. One of our most experienced custom framers on staff with over 30 years of custom framing experience.



The Special Projects Manager at Picture Worth Custom Framing. Specializes with designs involving the computerized mat cutter (CMC) or any non-traditional framing projects (LED’s, hinges, suitcase clip, astronauts, etc).


Bill was the Lead Framer at Picture Worth Custom Framing.  Retired Air Force Veteran and highly experienced custom framer with over 30 years of custom picture framing experience.  Unfortunately, we lost Mr. Bill in late December 2021.  May GOD rest his soul.


The most awesome production framer on the planet award goes to Alex, a.k.a. “Mr. 1/32”.  His precision framing is engineer level and he is amazingly fast at his craft.



The admin with the perfect mix of initiative, organizational skills, and navigational instincts, she had been a crucial part of PWCF’s current success.

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